Fire sprinkler contractors may encounter many different types of sprinklers needed for their construction projects. Wet sprinkler systems are used to extinguish fires when the water temperature can be maintained above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Most sprinkler contractors use these systems in office buildings, apartments, hospitals, factories, schools, nursing homes, homes etc. Wet sprinklers are designed by professional engineers who interpret the regional and international codes. A typical system may calculate as many as 25 sprinklers being discharged at the same time but most fires are extinguished from water discharge from as few as 1 to 3 sprinklers.

Fire sprinkler costs are estimated by the contractor, usually using estimating software. Wet systems can be altered for protection from accidental water discharge. The codes that specify the engineering for these systems is the same all over the world with minor exceptions because of water conditions and fire equipment. When the water temperature cannot be maintained above 40 degrees Fahrenheit the contractor will install dry sprinkler systems as designed by the professional engineer. Examples where there used are factories, parking garages, freezers, coolers, and cold storage facilities. Sprinkler systems are inspected quarterly and annually by the Fire Departments or designated fire sprinkler inspectors. The water supply for sprinklers are supplied from the city mains and in rare cases by elevated tanks or low-level tanks with pumps. All systems are designed by the national fire protection association. Whichever sprinkler system your engineer selects, they are installed for your protection and preservation of your property.