Designing Your Sprinkler System Coverage

This is a complex answer. It depends on the type of building and the sprinkler relative to it’s listing. A standard sprinkler in an office area may cover 225 square feet. In this case, you may have six sprinkler system in an office which is called extended coverage which permit to extend to these 400 square feet. Each sprinkler has a listing that limits the area it can cover. All sprinklers have a listing that limits the square feet of the sprinkler, it illustrates the water flow, illustrates how it is positioned, the temperature that it will release water and other features to be considered in placing a sprinkler in a specific location.

We install sprinklers in freezers and coolers that are anti-freeze. The typical sprinklers are upright, used in warehouses. Pendants used in offices and homes, horizontal side wall sprinklers used in offices and homes, open sprinklers used in deluge conditions (water is discharged out of every sprinkler). In a typical fire, often one to sprinkler will extinguish the fire, the others remain closed. The sprinklers are set off in temperatures from 135 degrees to 500 degrees relative to the release mechanism.

Sprinklers are installed using National Fire Protection (NFPA) standards. These standards specify the piping arrangements, the piping sizes, the piping materials, hanging procedures, seismic bracing and pipe fitting and valves. Each sprinkler is tested to prohibit accidental discharge. Accidental discharges are rare and by caused by multiple issues including tampering of sprinkler system.