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  • You will estimate jobs 10 times faster than your competitor.
  • The system will provide net pricing available at any hour
  • The estimating format is recognized by you, colleagues, and the boss
  • With our system you are in the computer age as a professional contractor
  • All accu-rate Fire Sprinkler Estimating software can be stored in the cloud requiring username and password security
  • Program created by a certified NICET III engineer

Take note of the wide use of computers. Call on any first class auto repair shop and ask for a quote to replace an item. They will have it to you in a minute including the labor with options to satisfy your needs.

Sprinkler Contractors can do the same. Your business has fewer parts than an auto repair shop. My estimating system has over 10,000 items and assemblies with labor attached. If you can not price up a $100,000 job in less than a few minutes you need the accu-rate Estimating Services Co. software system(s). When you cannot do so your business is in deep trouble. Customers can and will go elsewhere.

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Benefits of accu-rate Fire Sprinkler Estimating software fire sprinkler estimating programs:

The program includes features to protect the fire protection contractor from common errors conducting business. For instance, the estimating program includes a date and time on each estimate page, ratios of one feature against another as square feet per sprinkler, hours per sprinkler, cost per sprinkler, and other ratios common to the sprinkler business. These ratios can be adjusted to your experience. They will keep you and your estimators in line and out of trouble.

The sprinkler program includes labor attached to every fitting, valves and assemblies used in the trade.

It is a product of my 50 years in the piping and fire protection business.

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There are no Monthly or Annual Fees.