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The accu-rate Estimating Services Co.. a Missouri Corporation, DBA accu-rate fire sprinkler estimating and accu-rate plumbing estimation service as the creator of an estimating format to use in the Fire Sprinkler and Plumbing trades. They hold equity positions in these companies and may increase or decrease positions at any time.

Data and content are provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be an absolute or complete estimating process. The accu-rate estimating service Co. nor any of its agents and affiliates shall not be liable for any system errors, use or interpretation of the systems. Please read our terms for support found on the summary page of each system. Information offered as support is offered under the conditions expressed above. All sales are final!

The accu-rate estimating service Co. is a provider of estimating format and labor data learned and applied through 50 years of estimating the cost of mechanical, plumbing and fire sprinkler works. The interpretations of this education is applied in the accu-rate systems. It is the responsibility of the usurer to understand the relationship of this information as applied to their estimating process.

Alterations may be required and are the property of the user. The estimating project involves a high degree of risk. It is possible for contractors to lose their entire investment, life savings and credit.

Using the accu-rate estimating systems to determine the cost of projects require skills. The users of these products are strongly advised to select jobs based on their experience.