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About The Products

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Operating Instructions

  1. The accu-rate™ estimating system products include the benefits of a computer program with labor data and material prices that is assembled for immediate use for any job estimate. It is in a format that is well organized. You can become an experienced estimator within the hour.
  2. The accu-rate ™estimating systems were designed by a fire sprinkler estimator and contractor with over 50 years’ experience in estimating Fire Sprinkler, Plumbing and Process Piping jobs. He managed a company with 180 tradesmen with four estimators coming to him daily with a variety of estimates to examine quickly. He performed audits on the completed jobs for years, over and over again to certify the labor unit values used in the ACCU-RATE™ systems.
  3. All prices in the accu-rate™ estimating systems will be your net prices. Call Viking, HD Supply or your favored supplier to request your net prices from them to be available 24/7 over the internet. You will no longer spend time on the phone asking for the latest prices for any of the 10,000 line items available on the accu-rate estimating systems. Some of these items include sprinklers, valves, fitting, back flow preventers, fire hydrants, water main pipe, and other materials used in the fire sprinkler trade. You can add other net pricing for fire extinguishers and alarms. These systems are perfect for any fire sprinkler business large or small.
  4. The accu-rate™ estimating system assemblies are prearranged. For example, when you click on the fire hydrant page, the labor and materials needed to install the hydrant are attached. You have the option of adding or deleting any of the preselected items.
  5. On the accu-rate™ estimating systems, the labor units are assigned to pipe, fitting, valves, assemblies, exterior water pipping and various individual items can be changed to meet your companies labor production experience. There are no hidden formulas.
  6. The accu-rate™ estimating systems is on Microsoft Excel or Office for Mac. You can use your laptop, desktop or the iPad to do your estimates. Your customers will be impressed with your quick response using the latest technology.
  7. Prices can be updated 24/7. Old job estimates can be adjusted in minutes. If you have a job that the customer brings to life after months or years, you can give them updated prices within the hour.
  8. Items such as taxes, labor rates, labor ratio from journeyman to apprentice, material mark-up and overhead and profit can easily be changed on page 2 to match your needs. When you change an entry, it is recognized instantly on all pages.
  9. The accu-rate™ estimating systems have a validation feature which permits you to make material size changes with a click of the mouse.

System Set Up

  1. Call Viking and HD Supply for the net pricing system. Please ask their agent to take you thru their pricing maze. Copy the entire page and paste each one the pages dedicated to their products.
  2. Go to the Labor Tab on page 2 and alter wages according to your market. This will automatically transfer to each page.
  3. Calculate your annual overhead and divide the annual cost by the number of man hours required to install this work. Apply the quotient to Cell D66, D67 and D68 on Page 2 MAINS AND RISERS.

System Support

accu-rate Estimating Services Co. offers support. Please send your inquiries for support to Bob Neubert at or Mary Smith. Place accu-rate™ on the subject line so we can find it.

Or contact us at:

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